Editor's Note

When we first got together to produce Scribe’s 2015 edition, we had no idea how many interesting people we would meet, how many stories we would hear, and all we would learn.

There were mixed reactions when the Scribe team was assigned the topic of technology. Some of us were excited to explore such a diverse and innovative industry, while others were intimidated. Even though many of us have grown up with gadgets at our fingertips, the rate at which the world is progressing can be a little overwhelming. 

But we learned that technology is much more than shiny objects: it’s the foundation of our lives in the 21st century.

  Clare Jenkins Editor-In-Chief Scribe Magazine ’15 

Technology is neither good nor bad — it’s a tool like anything else, and the way it is used and consumed determines its utility. With a little know-how and creativity, the possibilities are endless. 

That’s why this edition is divided into three main sections: Business, Psychology and Trending in Tech

The Business section consists of stories such as the battle for gender equality in the tech world, computers taking over human jobs and takes a look at a Toronto man who helped kickstart a friend’s music career. 

Psychology examines the difference between how we present ourselves online versus how we do in the real world, explores sex in social media and the phenomenon of “catfishing”.

Trending in Tech delves into the new world of virtual reality, 3D printing and surveillance culture. 

We’re a small team – about 14 members in total – but we pulled together to produce what I feel is a great representation of technology in Toronto, as well as the rest of the world. 

We’ve worked hard on this magazine – with lots of late nights, countless rewrites and enough caffeine to keep us all awake until the Internet becomes self-aware.

We hope you enjoy it. 

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Thalia Gamage, Executive Editor
Shannon Macdonald, Managing Editor – Print
Ashly July, Managing Editor – Online
Hayley Michaud, Art Director – Print
Tamara Shade, Online Art/Production
Nakatica Massiah, Art Assistant – Print
Evan Millar, Photo Editor
Elliott Williams, Videographer
Jelani Grant, Research Chief
David Wilson, Section/Copy Editor
Javon Walker, Section Editor
Sasha Azeez, Photographer/Research
Jake Wilson-Hajdu, Copy Editor