On January 17th, Scribe contributor Javon Walker, began following the story of Sal Zafare’s determination to help Jashane Montaque pursue his passion for music after the video for Montaque gettting kicked out of the Apple store went viral. 

The Toronto Police have launched a pilot project to test the usefulness of body cameras on officers. The body cameras are an attempt capture vital information to help prosecute crime, but there are concerns about private information being caught on camera. 

Scribe contributor, Jake Wilson-Hajdu, used a GoPro to simulate what the footage from the cameras may look like. 

Site 3 is a Toronto maker space that attracts a community interested in collaborating on projects and expanding their personal knowledge of technology and engineering. 

The Girls In Tech Toronto (GITDot) Power Hour Social is an event dedicated to the growth, support and networking of women in Toronto’s tech industry. 

Scribe Editor-In-Chief, Clare Jenkins, asked the people of Toronto if they thought robots could eventually take their jobs.